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Conoce a los estudiantes que ya vivieron la aventura internacional.

Martha, Colombia


1. What were you doing before you started studying at TAFE Queensland?

Before studying at TAFE I lived in Colombia and was working as an accountant in the financial sector of Abbot Laboratories, a multinational pharmaceutical company.  


2. Why did you decide to study English in Australia?

I decided to study English in Australia because it is a safe, modern, and progressive country. It has great quality of education, high international recognition, experience as well as opportunity for personal and professional growth. 


3. What made you choose to study at TAFE Queensland?

I chose to study at TAFE because it is an educational institution with the recognition of the Australian government and  it gives me the opportunity to continue my professional training at a high standard.


4. What do you like about your teachers at TAFE? 

The teachers at TAFE have a broad theoretical and practical knowledge of the English language. They make the classes practical and applicable to day to day life. They are patient, organised and manage to cultivate our attention making learning enjoyable and entertaining increasing out attentiveness and motivation. 


5. What are your plans after you finish your English studies at TAFE? 

After finishing my studies in English I want to continue my professional training and obtaining a masters in finance. This gives added value to my resume and expands my opportunities for work. As well as helping me improve in my professional development.


6. How has TAFE impacted on or changed your life?

Studying at TAFE has given me the opportunity to interact with people of different cultural backgrounds  and helped me to understand and respect their interests and cultural differences. This has positively impacted my life and has allowed me to break out of the comfort zone of conservatively and a lack of acceptance in which I lived in, showing me that my concept of normality was wrong and that NORMAL means social and cultural acceptance. 

I’ve always thought it is important to have goals to pursue that encourage you to get up every morning. But now I think it’s more important to stop worrying about what Is beyond our reach and experience what you have in front of you, to not let them slip away and give value to all the little things, each small moment that life has to offer. 


7. What has been the best thing about living in Australia/studying at TAFE Queensland?

The best thing about living in Australia has been discovering new characteristics about myself that I did not know I had. I have enjoyed facing new challenges and it has given me the opportunity to learn from my mistakes. It has helped me to broaden my horizon and with the help of a few lessons grow in humility. 


8. Would you recommend TAFE to other international students?

Sure, I would recommend TAFE for it is education and reputation but also for the experience and professional growth opportunity.  




LAE nació hace casi 20 años, como agencia de intercambio, con el objetivo de hacer de los estudios en el extranjero una experiencia más accesible y segura para todos, brindando no solo calidad y transparencia en el proceso, sino sobre todo miles de opciones en los destinos más favorables, en instituciones de alta calidad y con precios asequibles para todos los presupuestos.

Este compromiso lo reforzamos a través de las actividades que realizamos a lo largo del año con instituciones de prestigio (escuelas y universidades altamente reconocidas), que nos permiten darte precios y beneficios únicos.

Creemos que cada estudiante es diferente y, con la correcta orientación, en algún lugar hay una oportunidad educativa y de vida en el extranjero que se adapta justo a sus necesidades. Más de 35 000 estudiantes ya vivieron este proceso de intercambio con nosotros y queremos que tú también tengas esta posibilidad.


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Hemos apoyado a más de 35 000
estudiantes en su proyecto educativo
en el extranjero


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